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in Lancaster, North Lancashire

Whether you’re looking for pet food or treats and chews, our onsite shop has got you covered. During our opening hours, Hest Bank Kennels provides a range of pet supplies and food, including raw frozen meat from Durham Animal Feeds. What’s more, our experienced staff will provide helpful advice on what products and supplies are best for your pet. We only stock trusted brands and we can generally source a range of other products within a few days. Get in touch today with any enquiries.

Toys and Training

As part of our extensive range of pet supplies, we stock KONG toys, which are some of the most popular products for cats and dogs on the market. We also have a range of other accessories for training and play, including:

  • Collars and Leads
  • Extending Leads and Harnesses
  • Training Head Collars
  • Red Dingo Tags

Eats and Treats

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, our company stocks a range of treats and chews. We use the same quality products in our kennels, and we are proud to provide the same treats for your pet to enjoy at home.

Raw Meat Feeding

While many pet owners are switching their cats and dogs over to raw diets, it is essential to balance the diet correctly, including raw meat, bones, and organs. With our simple portions, there’s no need for previous knowledge of raw feeding.


There are numerous benefits to raw feeding, including:

  • Healthier Teeth and Gums: Natural diets improve your dog’s oral health because raw food and meaty bones promote chewing, thereby reducing the plaque and bacteria which cause bad breath.
  • Healthier Skin and Coat: Unnecessary added chemicals and antioxidants can lead to skin allergies and fur problems, changing to a natural diet can lead to improved skin and a shinier coat, also making them less prone to itching and scratching.
  • Boosted Immune System: With a raw diet, your pet will get the natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to build a stronger resistance to ill health and disease.
  • Improved Digestion: Feeding a diet based on natural ingredients reduces the risk of irritable bowels, producing smaller stools and reduced odours.
  • Increased Energy and Vitality: With a raw diet you are in more control of building block ingredients such as glucosamine and other minerals reducing the risk of arthritis and other joint issues before they age.

Quality Pet Supplies

We only stock pet food and supplies that we use in our own kennels.

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We Are Stockist of Arden Grange Complete Diets.

There are a multitude of complete diets in the market, why we stock are Arden Grange is because we know it’s a brand range we can trust, as a kennels we are unable to stock and feed all the different brands in the market today, however we need a brand that when a dog is transferred to our diet the dog enjoys there food, and most importantly does not cause any stomach upsets.

Arden Grange is family owned by the Stephens family, who are renowned for their experience and expertise in the dog world, they have an extensive knowledge and understanding of canine dietary requirements. Their core philosophy of ‘nutrition without compromise’ is the foundation on which Arden Grange has been built. The range of diets are naturally hypoallergenic meaning that they will not include the most common dietary allergens in their foods, and they are naturally preserved without any artificial preservatives and colours. All ingredients in Arden Grange diets are included for their nutritional value and to promote optimum health and vitality. Arden Grange also include botanical supplements such as cranberry and yucca extract, seaweed, pre-biotics FOS and MOS, nucleotides, Omega 3 & 6, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, to help promote digestive health as well as support the immune system, skin, coat, and joints.
At Hest Bank Kennels we stock and feed the range of Arden Grange diets to our guests, which will meet the needs of every dog’s dietary requirement and life stage.