Count on Our Dog Day Care Services

in Lancaster, North Lancashire

Interested in our dog day care services? Based in Lancaster, North Lancashire, we recognise the stresses of leaving dogs at home while you spend the day at work or away on business, then have to return home and exercise them. At Hest Bank Kennels, we take care of your pet’s health and wellbeing while you’re away, with services tailored to meet your needs and schedule. Get in touch today and arrange an appointment to meet our team and check out our dog day care facilities.

Specialist Care

All dogs and puppies get lots of love and attention from us. Available 7 days a week, (excluding public holidays) we go beyond the woof to understand what makes every dog’s tail wag. With a range of dog-related qualifications and years of experience, our team are great animal lovers, and we take pride in our reasonably priced services.

About Our Kennels

Every dog is housed in their own luxury ventilated kennel with an attached exercise run. Our kennels are fully insulated, and we also frequently monitor temperatures throughout the daytime and evening and use additional heating where required.


We use Vetbed dog bedding throughout our kennels to ensure dogs are cosy and well-rested. This veterinarian-approved bedding reduces pressure points for your pet and stays warm in winter and cool in summer. The top of the Vetbed is water-resistant, meaning that your dog and their bed will stay dry if they have any accidents.


Unfortunately, we don’t have facilities to maintain customers’ own bedding, but we do our utmost to provide everything your dog needs, whether plastic or raised beds or a selection of toys and treats.


If you have a puppy or an elderly dog, you may want them to be fed additional feeds during the day, whilst they attend day care, we can feed their specific diet if you bring it in with you. There is always a plentiful supply of fresh water available for all dogs.

Toys and Exercise

Many dog owners wish to bring their dogs favourite toy with them, if these are not provided, we will provide suitable toys for enrichment and playtime. Digital radio is piped into every kennel to relax and calm dogs during their stay.


All dogs have access to individual covered runs and once we have finished cleaning out, extra time is spent playing with them in our large concrete or grass runs. All dogs are exercised at the owner’s consent, whether for an individual lead-walk or playtime. Socialisation and communal exercise is only carried out following a positive temperament test.


We understand that every dog is different, and we take time to match individuals to the best small group based on their size, play style and temperament to ensure your dog has a happy experience with other like-minded dog pals.  Extra time with the staff can be arranged for an additional charge subject to staff availability.

Rest and Relaxation

All dogs benefit from time to chill and recharge between exercise. Unlike other dog day care centres, all dogs and puppies are allocated their own kennel and run for rest and relaxation time. This gives them lots of freedom and space, including comfy beds, and toys for enrichment. For puppies especially, this is an important time to develop calmness around other dogs.

Safety and Security

For the safety and security of your dog, we ask that all dogs are brought into reception on leads. We will be happy to provide a dog lead should you have forgotten to bring yours.

Illness and Vaccinations

When leaving your dog for day care, we ask that you notify us of any recent injury, illness, or disability. We also administer bespoke requests per your veterinary surgeon’s instructions, including treatments and medicines, for no extra charge. Our team are happy to provide any special care required for your dog’s condition.


A current veterinary certificate of inoculation must be produced for inspection on your pet’s arrival.


Please note that kennel cough vaccination is not part of your dog’s annual booster, and you must ask your vet to provide it. It is also important that your dog has regular worm, flea, and tick treatments – please supply the most recent dates of treatment and details of the products used.

All dogs must be inoculated within the last 12 months against the following conditions:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parvovirus
  • Kennel Cough


For your peace of mind, all dogs staying in our care are covered by our fully comprehensive insurance. If your dog is insured, please bring insurance details with you.

Happy and Relaxed Day Care

We deliver personalised dog day care services for your beloved pet.

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What Our Customers Say


“Thanks to All of You”

“Thanks to all of you for taking care of Sam. He’s had a great year with you all and here’s to the next!"

Liz Dover


“Excellent Care”

“Thank you for continuing to provide excellent care for Eccles.”

Sarah Skidmore


"Stan loved his stay with you"

"Stan loved his stay with you, the staff were very friendly and a pleasure to talk to, and put my faith in leaving my dog with them."

Kelly Charnock

What Our Customers Say


“Pepper Loves It”

“Pepper says ‘Thank you so much for looking after me this year. I love it here’.”

Sarah Hodgson


"Very good service and caring kennels."

"Very good service and caring kennels."

Deborah Taylor-Winn


"will definitely be using in the future."

I was a little anxious about leaving my dog Ted, but he was well looked after and we will definitely be using in the future.

Kieron Everson


Dog and Puppy Day Care Prices

We charge £16.00 per dog/puppy for dog day care, or £70.00 for five consecutive days in a week.