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Planning a holiday or business trip? Call on Hest Bank Kennels today for dependable dog boarding services in North Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Our kennel service prices include food, bedding, exercise, playtime, and any special care your dog may require for medical conditions. With extensive experience, we provide first-class services at our purpose-built kennels in Lancaster. Get in touch today to enquire about dog boarding and other services.

About Our Facilities

Our purpose-built facilities provide the VIP experience for all boarding dogs and puppies. With fully insulated kennels to sleep in and concrete and grass runs to explore, your dog will love the kennel experience while you’re away. As well as offering approved vet bedding and spacious play areas, we spend lots of time with your pet and even play digital radio for them to relax and calm them during their stay.

About Our Staff

As animal lovers, our dedicated team take the utmost care to ensure the highest standard of care, cleanliness, and hygiene at all times. Passionate about looking after your dog, our experienced staff hold a range of dog-related qualifications. When you choose our friendly and caring dog team, you can rest assured your beloved pet is in safe hands.


Each of our luxury kennels is ventilated and insulated, with an attached exercise run for all your dog’s needs. We monitor temperatures throughout the day and the evening and will adjust accordingly, using additional heaters when needed. Our team welcome visits for anyone who wants to view our facilities before choosing our services – this can be arranged by appointment.


Hest Bank Kennels caters for all diets, including raw at no additional charge, complete, soft, semi-moist, and combinations of these. If you prefer your dog to be fed on its own diet as served at home, we ask that you provide sufficient supplies for the stay and advise us on the frequency of feeding. We also have plentiful fresh water available at all times

Exercise and Play

At our kennels, all dogs have access to individual covered runs once we have finished cleaning them. Throughout the day time is spent with the dogs in our large concreate or grass runs.


All dogs are exercised at the owner’s consent, whether it’s a lead-walk or playtime. Many dog owners wish to bring their dog’s favourite toy with them, but if not, we have an extensive selection of suitable toys for enrichment and playtime. Socialisation and communal exercise is only carried out following a positive temperament test.



Understanding that each dog is different, we take time to match individuals to the best small group based on their size, play-style, and temperament. This ensures your dog has a happy experience with other similar dog pals.

Bedding and Bedtime

At bedtime, we offer Vetbed dog bedding throughout our kennels to provide a cosy night’s sleep. This special type of bedding is vet-approved, preventing pressure points and keeping your guests warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Furthermore, your dog’s bed will stay dry if they have an accident, meaning they would stay dry too.


Unfortunately, we do not offer facilities to maintain customers’ own bedding. However, we have a wide range of accessories to make your pet feel at home, from plastic or raised beds to assorted toys and treats.


At night, we check all the dogs and spend some time playing and cuddling them. Every dog gets what we call a goodnight treat, so bedtime is always a positive and loving time for them. We strive to make sure that all the dogs who stay with us go to sleep looking forward to the fun of the next day.

Illness and Vaccinations

We ask that you mention any recent injury, illness, or any disability when you leave your pet with us Bespoke requests including treatments or medicines are administered as per your veterinary surgeon’s instructions. No extra charge is made for this service. We will always ensure that they receive that special care for their condition.


A current veterinary certificate of inoculation must be produced for inspection on your pet’s arrival.


Please note that you must request a kennel cough vaccination from your vet as this is not included in an annual booster. Your dog should also have regular worm, flea, and tick treatments, and we ask that you supply the most recent dates your dog has been treated and what products were used.

All dogs must be inoculated within the last 12 months against the following conditions:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parvovirus
  • Kennel Cough

Safety and Security

For the safety and security of your dog, we ask that all dogs are brought into reception on leads. We will be happy to provide a dog lead should you have forgotten to bring yours. Alternatively, we also offer a chauffeured collection and drop-off service for a small additional charge if this is more convenient – please get in touch with any enquiries.


All dogs staying in our kennels are fully covered by our comprehensive insurance throughout the duration of their stay. If your pet is already insured, please provide details when you bring your dog.

Safe and Secure Kennel Services

If you’re looking for dog boarding solutions, our kennel services have got you covered.

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What Our Customers Say


“My Two Pups Love It”

“My two pups love Hest Bank Kennels for day care and sleepovers. They love the staff, and we have to encourage them to come home.”

J Shaw


"Excellent service for our dog"

"Excellent service for our dog, well run, very professional service thanks"

Peter Murray


“Happy and Relaxed”

“We have used the kennels several times over the last few months. Our dog came home happy and relaxed, and the staff were confident to take instructions with our pets medication.”

David Cheung

What Our Customers Say


“Love Going Here”

“My two “mutts” just love going here for the holidays.”

Mr Gregg


“Friendly Service”

“Brilliant place and friendly service.”

Graham Crook


“Fantastic Kennels”

“Poppy really enjoys her stays here.”

M Butterworth

Dog Boarding prices:

The following dog boarding prices are based on breed and size. All animals are subject to the relevant charge on the day of arrival but will not be charged for the day of departure if collected before 12.00 p.m. (noon) on that day.

Size One Dog Price/Day Two Dogs Sharing Price/Day
Small Dogs £18.00 £32.00
Medium Dogs £19.00 £34.00
Large Dogs £20.00 £36.00
Extra Large Dogs £23.00